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Thai Girlfriend Private Investigation

On this page, we discuss how we conduct a Thai girlfriend private investigation. For many men, it is the first time they have hired a private investigator, so we discuss how this works, generally. At the end, we give some examples of cases.

Many men feel uncomfortable when they first decide to not trust their girlfriend 100% and consider using a private investigator. However, their discomfort and risks in trusting their girlfriend 100% may outweigh their hesitancy about doing a discreet private investigation, all considered. Please understand that our top priority is to try to remain discreet.

I felt the same when I was much younger, about private investigations, but my later outlook developed from years of experience finding out what was really going on "out of sight" from many experiences of my own, of associates, and of close friends, occasionally including lady-to-lady talk (undercover investigation getting inside a lady's head). Countless times, things were not at all what they seemed, as carefully presented to the boyfriend by the girlfriend. That's what led me to add fidelity investigations and profiling to my work offerings.

Better to find out sooner rather than later, since you are investing a lot of:

(1) time
(2) emotion
(3) money (not just money given to her but also various expenses of your own related to the relationship).

There is also (4) opportunity loss if the relationship proves to be on a false basis whereby you could have pursued an alternative relationship.

(5) If/when you introduce your Thai girlfriend to your community, your reputation is subject to judgement if your fears turn out to be true.


(6) There is a lot of HIV/AIDS going around in Thailand, and also syphilis and other pathogens, especially in the promiscuous prostitution and hookup addict circles among both the ladies and men circulating within, and you don't want to contract that from a girlfriend!

Therefore, it may be better to find out more information in order to either put your mind at peace or else cut things before getting even further involved. Better to do this sooner rather than later.

We understand that our work can result in major, life changing decisions in other peoples' lives. We are careful about other peoples' lives and understand the responsibilities of our work.

Trying to be discreet is our top priority. For you, we are considerate of the sensitivity of these kinds of things to many people. It is also in our self-interest, as (1) we don't want to be confronted by the subject or anyone in their environment, and (2) if a case gets blown, then our work may end on that case.

Practically nobody normally detects a professional surveillance agent, and of course nobody knows our purpose or who hired us. Not many people look behind them at who might be following them. We try to keep our distance anyway, and use ordinary looking agents and vehicles who/which can blend in easily, not flashy people. Most of our foot surveillance agents are Thai ladies, as people are usually less concerned about a lady than a man. We wear plain clothes and colors, not something very memorable or noticeable. We sometimes also change tops, change hair (pulled back vs. down), wear a hat, glasses, and other changes of appearance. We have followed some people for months and even years in some cases and still not had an agent remembered.

Regarding surveillance, a motorcycle can usually follow a taxi or car discreetly and safely a good distance behind and in a favorable position.

Do you ever look behind yourself or over your shoulder, especially about people not right behind you, such as some normal and ordinary (not pretty) looking lady back there? The vast majority of people don't. They are thinking about other things and forward looking. It is human nature. Our work is routine, and we are careful to try to keep it that way. Safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

The product is mainly videos because videos are much easier to take discreetly. We generally don't hold a phone up obviously pointing at somebody. It might be a phone in a bag, or a video camera operating while we pretend to make a phone call, or some other method. We can take frames out of videos for images. Sometimes we take photos, too. We can also collect other information as we go, and also keep a log. If you want analysis and opinion, then we can provide that, too. Of course, we will be doing our own analysis from the outset.

Old Thai slang: "Pig Story" (ruang mu-mu)
Meaning: Goal easily accomplished by a simple story-like process.
Example: Make easy money from foreign men by telling stories of money needs.

(Taken from a billboard: Buy & move into a new house, little money down.)

If you have a girlfriend, but you're not sure whether she's selling you porkies or has a greedy little pig inside her heart, then you may want to find out sooner rather than later.

Many men request a background investigation of a Thai lady. However, it's usually not quick and easy to do a background investigation. Typically, most of a person's background of relevance for an intimate relationship is not an official record but instead must be researched via social media and maybe some other sources, and what may be most relevant and cost efficient could be their current behaviors and situation, rather than their background before you met.

As noted already, our main method is discreet surveillance. Occasionally, we may use additional methods, such as researching places and people, and including possibly undercover socializing, but it depends on the situation.
thai girlfriend surveillance
Photo of surveillance agents by Gullivers on Khaosarn Rd., ready to follow a taxi or car, with foot agent on back to report location and follow on foot at destination. Another agent not pictured here is inside Gullivers watching discreetly.

First of all, do not get paranoid. In mainstream Thai society, most Thai ladies who have a relationship with a foreign man are reasonably open and honest, and have good intentions. Mainstream ladies in Thailand are traditional and more conservative than western ladies, and usually innocent.

When you read the countless internet stories about being ripped off by Thai ladies, you should keep in mind that most of the victims met the girls in go-go bars or freelance prostitute pickup joints, or else on internet dating and chat sites. Also, bad news is reported and repeated much more commonly and dramatically than good news. However, there are still many exceptions, ladies from non-prostitute backgrounds who scam or otherwise rip off men.

You should not let certain internet websites make you paranoid about your Thai girlfriend. Consider the peer group of each website. It's good to read about others, but it's also important to understand the bias in reporting.

At the beginning, we give many people the benefit of the doubt -- assumed innocent unless we observe otherwise. However, in many cases, we take a look at them from just what the guy sends by email or chat or tells us on the phone and we think the lady seems high risk based on the boyfriend's observations of behavior and/or her history and/or her appearances, though we may not jump to conclusions at that point. We are out to observe and help put together the puzzle by adding pieces. Of course, if we see the lady engaging in public displays of affection with another man, or other evidence, then we can conclude infidelity. Some men just want to get a better profile of a lady, observing her to see what she's really doing.

There are large numbers of materialistic Thais on a rags-to-riches path by dishonest means, even in what foreigners may perceive as "mainstream" Thai society. By "prostitute", we include not just ladies overtly selling sex by the hour or the day, but also ladies who make money from men by pretending to be normal ladies with only one boyfriend, such as selling multiple relationships at the same time by faking their intentions, each man not aware of the other men, and for the main purpose of extracting money from men. Relationships are much more lucrative than just short term sex-for-money agreements -- each relationship is a longterm income stream, and many men give a lot more money if they believe that the lady is actually not in it just for the money. Many ladies even turn down money at first if they think the man may be a better long term payer if they do so, by pretending to not be a prostitute.

They range from student prostitutes to other so-called "disguised prostitutes" (a translation of a phrase used in Thai society). Notably, the "disguised prostitute" sector has a high HIV+ rate due to much lower use of condoms.

Many meet foreigners in social places in Bangkok and parts of Thailand where there are many tourists. Others use internet dating services and chat rooms. Some take low level legitimate jobs which give them exposure to many foreigners looking for an apparent non-prostitute.

Understand, many ladies in chat and dating services are not prostitutes, and neither are many in tourist locations. However, we've had many cases where they turn out to be relationship prostitutes, and some do very well at it. In relationship prostitution, the "80-20" business viewpoint is often seen -- 80% of income coming from 20% of men. It can even be 90-10 or more. Whatever it is, the main point is that some ladies can carry on multiple relationships and be patient, maybe not even asking for money.

Some are apparently low income, so many men tend to see their apparent situations and start to give money generously without the lady even asking, in hopes of strengthening a happy relationship. Some of the men who have been scammed the most were never asked for money in the beginning by the lady, so they trusted her more and gave her more.

"Professional ladies" are not just short term prostitutes, they also can just be good at developing relationships as good salesladies.

There may also be grey areas. The lady may have a few boyfriends, but is not just out for their money. We report results, and the judgement is yours. If you think Thai ladies may be unreliable, you should hear the stories from many Thai ladies about how foreign men can be unreliable, e.g., waiting for them to arrive, then they arrive and after a short time on the ground here they get lured to another lady, or the men play games and switch otherwise.

In the West, we call a lady who marries a rich guy mainly just for his money a "matrimonial prostitute", but these ladies are often faithful for at least awhile (or very discreet otherwise). In Thailand, where the income difference is much greater between ordinary females and western males, it is much more common for ladies to tap multiple foreign men for income streams, especially targeting men who do not reside in Thailand permanently and therefore cannot oversee the lady's activities continuously. Usually, the lady is not very discreet while the foreign man is away, because these things are more accepted in Thai society. After all, ask yourself why does a Thai lady try to find a foreign boyfriend overseas when there are so many foreigners living and working in Thailand?

The general rule is this: If you have reason to suspect something's not right -- e.g., telephone not answered at potential action times, a Thai "brother" who doesn't seem to be from the same parents, questionable requests for money, and/or her friends are on the game -- then a discreet investigation may be a good insurance policy, better sooner than later.

We can usually find out things about the situation and report it to you which you may not see otherwise. In some cases, we might not pass judgment and tell you whether the lady is good or bad. That is up to you to judge, according to your own values, interests, and options. We report the facts and our analysis based on our intimate understanding of Thai people and Thai culture. A personal judgement may be up to you. However, often we see tricky and unfaithful ladies who are not telling the truth to the boyfriend and purposely misleading him in major ways, and then we can tell you that you have a bad apple in our opinion.

Thai society is changing with the new generation. A much larger percentage of young Thais are far more materialistic, yet have limited incomes. The tricky ones are usually part of a group of friends who continuously trade notes and tricks with each other.

It is important to understand that most "comfort" ladies with training from their experienced mentoring friends, and/or experience themselves, are very good salesladies at selling relationships. It is essentially their business, livelihood, and focus. They usually have no other sizeable income (except possibly other foreign men), and this is usually the job they enjoy most (or dislike least). They can become very highly skilled and experienced. Many men, after finding out more information from our investigation, have said the old joke that the lady deserves an Oscar for her performance.

It is very common to find out that many men are sending money to the same lady, all of them thinking she is an exclusive girlfriend. Indeed, just like notorious bar girls and tricky freelance pickups, many disguised prostitutes even brag about their success to their friends. Friends train each other in the tools and tricks of the trade.

Given the money involved compared to mainstream Thai salaries, some relationship prostitutes have become quite sophisticated in this career of scamming men, complete with faked job, all kinds of reasons why they need more money at times, and so forth.

Note: If your Thai girlfriend worked in a go-go bar or a freelance prostitute pickup place, then you are taking a very high risk, statistically, and in the vast majority of cases you should have her checked out. These are the most routine cases. However, since I first arrived in Thailand in 1994, I have seen society evolve so that many gold diggers and tricksters have emerged from many new sources in society and most have never even stepped into a go-go bar or formal prostitution site. Indeed, I give a lot of credit to ladies who do work at go-go bars and who are honest and straightforward about their business with the new boyfriend. There are many other ladies who have no background in a go-go bar but who are highly dishonest and tricky.

Many bargirls really do need the money, which is why they stepped over the line into being bargirls. However, many don't really send money home or use the money as stated, but live a materialistic perpetual party life with their friends. I have seen the bar scene population change since I first arrived, with a much smaller percentage sending money upcountry to family, and a higher percentage indulging in the luxuries of modern lifestyles.

If you are sending money to a student girlfriend in Thailand, then you are a kind and generous person. The results of these cases have varied from contented good students making good progress towards a degree and honorable career, to wild young drug-taking and promiscuous party animals who sometimes even drop out of school. In so many cases, the lady was no longer attending classes and sometimes not even enrolled anymore. In some cases the results are clearly positive or negative, and in other cases it's mixed and up to you to judge.

Many men have expressed an uneasy feeling or a little bit of guilt or embarrassment to be investigating their girlfriend. There are countless men before you who have been here and done this. In the final decision, they usually concluded that it is the smart thing for a man to do, rather than ride purely on emotions, if he has any doubts in his mind. "Trust, but verify."

Some just want peace of mind, and no more lost sleep or strange gut feelings. Others realize they are investing valuable time, efforts, money and emotional capital into a relationship and want to find out about the whole situation, not just what is carefully presented to them by their girlfriend.

You can be rest assured that our top priority is to be discreet. We are not gumshoe huckster investigators who just go out with a lady's photo and ask around. No, our primary agents (fulltime employees) are polite mainstream Thai ladies who blend in with their environment, plus a few consulting longtime western expats for tourist places, and a few reliable Thai lady part time agents depending upon environment and skills set required.

We do not reveal ourselves as investigators to strangers. We do not just do the quick & easy (and cheap) shortcut of asking soi motorcycle taxis, security guards, or other quick but very risky sources (word often gets around to the subject). Instead, our agents use their own sophisticated methods. Normally, nobody knows we are an investigator or what mission we are really on. We normally have a cover story for why we are in some location at a particular time.

We usually get results within a few days. Some men attain peace of mind. Some other men limit their losses, and better sooner than later.

The Good Results

Many Thai ladies are interested in foreign men for various reasons: experience in the bigger world, something new and different, curiosity, adventure, hope to see the world beyond Thailand, opportunities overseas, and handsomeness (though many traditional Thai ladies don't trust handsome men and have other values). Some want to avoid the traditional Thai husband, whose family may expect her to be too subserviant. The reasons vary from lady to lady. The Bad Results

Some Thai ladies are interested in foreign men primarily because they have more money and are not as smart as Thai men about Thai bad girls. "Stupid farang" is how they view foreign men who fall for Thai bad girls when Thais can see right through the charade.

The most sophisticated of these ladies who do long term planning and already have male cash flow usually won't ask for money immediately. They aren't stupid. They usually wait over time, hoping you will offer it. If the money doesn't come quickly enough or if they become impatient and are starting to wonder whether a man is likely to pay off from their investment of time and effort, then they might make up plausible stories hinting at money needs, e.g., they are working so hard, not much time for you, need money for school, are sick, etc. (These are often true stories with good girls, but bad girls do the same with similar false stories.) After you start to send money, then they start using pressure tactics to increase the amounts. Once a man has invested even just a little bit of money as a small first step, then the man might not want to believe he has wasted and lost money, and it may be easier to ask for larger amounts. Sometimes it can be like slowly boiling a frog, as the man may not realize the total amount he has invested.

The experienced ones know that asking for money very quickly results in suspicion, and long term relationships pay off the most, the 80-20 viewpoint mentioned above.

If you don't mind supporting her appetite for fashion accessories and ostentatious status, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you have been misled about where your money is going, their intentions with you, and their faithfulness to you, then do you think you should know?

Believe it or not, there is also sometimes a longtime local boyfriend one step down the money food chain, fully aware of his girlfriend's money making activities, and a beneficiary of it, making his life easy, too.

The victims are often embarrassed about how much money they have lost. Several thousand dollars is fairly routine, but tens of thousands of dollars is not uncommon, and we have cases of men losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have lost their life savings for retirement.

The Thai newspapers have been reporting a rapidly growing trend which reflects what we have seen with our own eyes since the mid-1990s:

  • Thai student prostitution (yes, real students)
  • "Disguised student" prostitutes (not really students, just acting/dressing)
  • "Disguised office lady" (no real job, just dressing/acting)
  • "Disguised non-prostitute" prostitutes (no dressing, just act innocent, don't look like a prostitute but that's their livelihood)

Disguised prostitutes can fool a small but significant percentage of Thai guys, but foreigners are much easier prey -- perhaps the majority of foreigners -- because foreigners are not familiar with Thai culture and the differences between Thais across Thai society.

Disguised prostitutes usually extract a lot more money out of each man than do overt prostitutes. It takes more sophistication and skill, but it works, and the business incentive is there. Some disguised prostitutes have graduated to that "disguised" level from experience, having learned that they get more money when they disguise their profession. Others started at the disguised level, usually trained by friends.

Foreign men are the best targets, for several reasons:

  • Foreign men overseas allows juggling multiple boyfriends much easier than local men in Thailand who want to be physically present with the lady, and there is practically no limit to how many foreign men can be sending money and engaging in a long distance romance at the same time.
  • Foreign men are more easily tricked than Thai men (an issue of cultural unfamiliarity).
  • Each foreign man on average has much more money than ordinary Thai men, and more than many expats in Thailand such as teachers.

Men are willing to invest more money into a relationship which they think is going somewhere, not into prostitutes. Men also trust apparent non-prostitutes much more, understandably. Unfortunately, many prostitutes try to increase their income by acting like non-prostitutes.

The money levels of the prostitution profession are something like the following, on average:

  1. (most money) Disguised prostitutes -- fake students, fake office ladies, fake ordinary ladies
  2. Overt student prostitutes (Thai men pay them more than non-student overt prostitutes)
  3. Overt freelance or discotheque prostitutes (one-nighters or protracted grey-area relationships)
  4. Bar girls and massage girls -- the lowest rung of prostitutes
  5. Non-prostitute unofficial "lesser wives" ("mia noi") to one man, e.g., student cutting a deal for room & board in a love nest, or lazy woman with no career willing to be a "second wife" to just one man for subsistence (least money of the 5 -- if it's just subsistence income, but many "mia noi" actually get paid a lot and can be rich by Thai standards)

Even among overt prostitutes, the non-students often act and dress like students because student prostitutes get more money than ordinary prostitutes. (The fake-student prostitutes sometimes play a different, more hard-to-get game, to drive their price up. Real-student prostitutes are usually less tricky about the deal.)

Among Thais, overt student prostitution has risen sharply and has even become trendy in some circles. Other sectors of prostitution have not experienced this kind of demographic change. In the past, student prostitution was not common, and prostitution was dominated by the lowest classes of Thais. The reason for the dramatic rise is apparent: materialism, fashion, and "conspicuous consumption", like it's never before been seen in the Thai student population, and the emergence of internet which has impacted life in so many ways.

What is of interest here is "disguised" prostitutes, not overt ones. How can a foreigner know the difference in an unfamiliar culture?

The disguised prostitutes always have cover stories, that they are a university student or have a regular job. Often, they are university drop-outs, flunkees, unqualified for decent paying jobs or just lazy, but have had just enough experience to be able to play the role with some familiarity. However, they have one thing in common: They have learned the skill of engaging men (by charm, sex, affection) into thinking they are most emotionally involved, serious about a relationship and committed, but in fact are:

  1. interested almost exclusively in getting the man's money
  2. willing to engage multiple men into thinking they are their only lover and supporter
  3. make up untrue stories about why they need the man to send a lot of money quickly
  4. usually spending the money in ways other than agreed

Some of the stories are real whoppers. Others are mixed stories, on top of a real situation and circumstances.

Understand: This is their "business". The good ones make a lot of money.

Some prostitutes use the money to support extended families. However, over the past 20+ years, the trend has changed to where the majority of them are blowing the money on consumer luxuries and footing the bills of "a good time" with their friends, not necessities or personal investments.

Many ladies have more than one mobile phone, and sometimes additional SIM cards stashed away. (Of course, having two mobiles does not mean they are a prostitute, but disguised prostitutes are doing this more and more.)

The level of sophistication varies greatly. Some are highly sophisticated, very tricky and use plausible pressure tactics to make tremendous amounts of money. Many are not very sophisticated, and sometimes it is incredible how blind men's love can be.

There are also some grey areas, e.g., good students who are poor and simply don't trust one guy, but would be faithful if they knew the guy was truly dependable. They may be courting another guy as a backup plan in case you don't come thru. After all, many are afraid you will find a girlfriend there in your home country, or else will do what many other foreign men do -- come to Thailand and then switch ladies (maybe many from internet dating, or maybe a prettier one from a bar...). Mixed Results

Experienced agents can tell you all about the good, the bad and the ugly. But sometimes, they are all in the same case.

Everyone has problems, of various kinds. If you are expecting perfection, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

People often don't tell you the whole story. They want to attract you, naturally. There may be circumstances they won't tell you, but which you should know because it is a potential show-stopper later. Or maybe it's not a show-stopper, but it would scare you away if you knew at the outset. Maybe they are just lying about their age, or have an estranged but legal husband. Perhaps they have one longtime boyfriend who they don't really want to spend their life with, but due to their two families knowing each other well or a family business, they won't break from that relationship unless and until they have secured something better and worth the community traumas of breaking away from the old.

Occasionally, an individual is in a really inextricable situation and irresponsibly leading on another as they fantacize unrealistically, and a conflict and reality check would be the end result.

Usually, however, a "mixed" result just raises challenges, and the client is better able to decide whether they want to risk an investment of time, money and emotion into a particular lady.

Relationships are an art, and we've seen quite a variety. "Different strokes for different folks!"

Notably, we get a lot of cases of missing girlfriend. Communications end suddenly, and our job is to first find the lady. In many of these cases, there were enough signs before the disappearance to have justified some checking and try to get an indication of the real situation.


In life, you take your chances. However, a private investigation can be insurance against an expensive (money sent, money spent travelling, money not working), time consuming and heart-wrenching affair. In finding out, "better sooner than later" may best sum up the matter.

If an investigation indicates bad information, we do our best to verify it. We do not like to see people hurt, so we do our best to not jump to conclusions, but to verify, and to report any uncertainties.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of cases are clear cut.


We do NOT go to a location and start asking people questions about your girlfriend, e.g., the security guard, neighbors, etc., because it is not discreet and in MOST cases people will tell the girlfriend that someone was there asking about her, which can upset the girlfriend as well as make any further investigation by anyone to be more difficult. While these methods can save time to generate quick results cheaply, they are not necessary and in fact they are not as reliable as prolonged focused surveillance beyond the immediate environment (most people don't know what their neighbors really do, and it's often kept secret for face-saving) and/or undercover socializing. We use ONLY our agents, and NOBODY knows our purpose. We are as discreet as possible, and experienced and skilled at this.

Our teams' normal surveillance charges are as follows. They can be less or more depending on the case. If the rates are outside of your budget, then you can just tell us about your situation and your budget, and we can try to find a way to address your case in a custom way on a lower budget. There is a wide variety of cases, so there is no price which fits all.

If the case takes us out of the Bangkok region then there may be additional costs for hotel and transport but those are sometimes relatively minor costs in Thailand.

The most common kind of case is just following somebody in central Bangkok, where we are based. For these cases, we use a motorcycle to follow any vehicle (taxi, motorcycle, car) plus foot agents. The cost per approximately 8 hour day is most commonly 8500 baht. As of 2020, this may be around the US $ 280 range, though currency exchange rates vary and we don't update this page to reflect current rates in US dollars or foreign currencies. We think in Thai baht, and it's most often 8500 baht, though it can be less or more depending upon the environment and situation. For going over 8 hours, we charge at an hourly rate which varies by the time of night and how many hours we've already put in.

If you just need somebody to go watch a place for a few hours, and only follow on foot, then that may cost a lot less.

Outer suburban cases, and/or cases requiring a car to follow on the expressway, or difficult situations, may cost considerably more, or maybe around the same. We need to know more about the case before we can finalize any quotation. This is just to give you a general idea. For example, sometimes we use both a motorcycle and a car, whereby it may cost more.

We do cases nearly all over Thailand, and we would need to know the location and situation before we could quote on that.

We usually charge one day at a time because many cases are solved on the first day. However, if you pay for multiple days and the case ends early, then we can refund money to you.

Non-surveillance cases are different, and can cost much less if they are fairly simple.

Surveillance normally includes ordinary looking Thai lady agents for foot surveillance who don't attract attention and can blend in (not pretty and flashy agents), and a motorcycle guy to follow any taxi or motorcycle taxi. An agent can stay out of view but can switch places with the first one close up. (Sometimes, for very long time follows, we may also change shirts, sunglasses, hat, hair down vs. pulled back, etc. We have followed some people over days, months, even years without being remembered. Surveillance agents normally wear plain colors and styles, no writing on shirt, and so on. It's good to keep in mind that people usually don't look over their shoulder or notice who is behind them, especially at a considerable distance.

We cannot overstate how important being discreet is. The three main reasons are:

  1. Valid results. If your girlfriend and her associates suspect they are being investigated, then they can stage behavior -- acting good. An agent's purpose must remain discreet, so that the subject continues being natural.

  2. Safety first. The agent is a threat to income of bad girls. Many bad girls are poorly self-disciplined (which is why they are prostitutes, not professionals), wild and crazy. They may assault the agent.

  3. Sensitive subject. Some people have a bad reaction if they find out they have been investigated, for various reasons -- psychological, business livelihood or other.

We do not take unnecessary risks, such as just talking to motorcycle taxis, security guards and other cheap sources who could seemingly make a case quick & easy, but usually gossip as a pasttime and are on the side of their community, including the lady. We rely heavily on our own agent, who is skilled and directed in particular kinds of discreet "methods". "Sources" in a subject's environment are risky as regards remaining discreet. They can also be unreliable sources as regards accuracy of the information given, for various reasons. Thus, we don't just go out and talk to people. We are most discreet.

The job of discreet private investigations requires well trained and highly skilled agents in the methods of remaining discreet.

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