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Thai Girlfriend Investigations - More Cases

The purpose of this section is to list the brief results of cases, after cleansing them of identification information. I've skipped the ladies' histories, love letters, our analyses, opinions, etc., and just briefly covered the main facts and the results.

We have done hundreds of Thai girlfriend investigations since my decision in 1997 to take on the Thai girlfriend investigations realm as a regular business. It was the 1997 Asia economic crash which really started this, prompted by a mass exodus of working expats due to business failures, their inability to get instant visas for their girlfriends to leave with them, and the fact that my non-P.I. clients weren't paying me or anyone due to the economic crash so I needed to make money :-) , to be honest, so I went back to investigative work.

Many people have asked questions such as what percentage of our cases come out with good results versus bad results. Unfortunately, we have not kept those kinds of statistics, but it can be said that there are three kinds of result: "good", "bad", and "grey area". Bad results are found in the majority of (1) bargirls and (2) freelancers, followed by grey area results, and purely good results are the least common in these two categories though there are many cases of bargirls and freelancers becoming committed and faithful to only one man. However, most (3) mainstream (truly mainstream) ladies with a good job turn out good (but not all). The (4) internet dating ladies are quite a mix.

Below, I give a sampling of cases. Many cases were very similar, so I report only one of them here in order to not repeat the same kind of result.

Privacy prevents us from going into much detail. We should protect the privacy of both our customers and the Thai ladies (innocent or guilty). This is not an expose or tabloid website, nor do we want to sell out in ways which are hurtful of other people. Also, we must protect our methods and sources; otherwise, they stop working. We always help the good guys and victims, and don't want to help scammers (who definitely read this website, too). Therefore, this will not read like a spy novel, nor will it go into much detail at all. Just the results, more or less.

I started this web page at the beginning of March, 2007, and added a little to it over time up into 2022, but we tend to get many of the same kinds of cases over and over. Completed cases are deleted from our hard disk periodically, but I still have old email archives with clients, at least. Videos and photos have often been deleted (or else our disks, phones, and devices would fill up quickly), and we delete a lot of things, though move some items to optical disks. What I tell below is from a quick review of some old emails and things I found in optical disk storage.

(Origin: bargirl) The customer overseas contacted us to find out if his girlfriend was still selling her body. We found out she was, contrary to their agreement. She started late at night, because he was in eastern Australia and went to sleep at 1am at the latest, which is 9pm in Bangkok. Many discos and freelance places in Bangkok don't start up until 11pm. She claimed to turn off her mobile when she went to sleep, but she was really going out. Actually, she just swapped SIM cards because her phone was on and she was receiving calls, but not on the given number. We got photos of her, and got her other number. (Fairly common kind of case. Lady says she's going to sleep, but Thailand is such a late night place, and in some places that's when the nightlife action is at its peak.)

(Freelancer) The customer overseas requested surveillance on his girlfriend. She was just staying home on the first two days of spot checking. However, this surveillance included observation at the internet cafe whereby she sent love messages to multiple foreigners, and undercover interaction revealed she had three foreigners sending her money, and she only liked our customer's money, not him personally. She had another guy she really liked. (Fairly common kind of case.)

(Internet dating: good) The customer overseas contacted us because his girlfriend of 2 years who he had been supporting suddenly dropped all means of communications. He thought she would come back to him when money ran low, but she never did. We found she had just registered a marriage to a Thai man and moved in with him. We cannot reveal a new private address without permission, so we contacted her. She said that she didn't want any contact with our customer, but she talked with our agent about the situation with many unique details. We told our customer enough details of her side of the story, including his unfaithfulness to her which he didn't tell us and was her reason for cutting communications with him, so that he knows we really found her. (In absence of other proof, verification information is important.) She was quite satisfied with her Thai marital partner and planned to be entirely faithful, and she was a pleasant and discussed a lot about things with our agent...

The customer overseas was sending money to a Thai lady, for various reasons, e.g., hardship, mother or child in hospital, or who had said she would travel outside of Thailand to meet him and needed the money, and so on... lots of stories. In some cases, he sent to us a copy of her ID and we could determine that it was her photo placed on top of somebody else's ID, a digitally altered ID. We've had multiple cases of various modifications of a digital image of an ID card or passport. The have been proxies to receive payments who are too difficult to find (e.g., upcountry address, stonewalling) and try to prosecute if the victim is willing to go to all the time and expense. In other cases, it is the lady with real ID but she just says she changed her mind about the relationship, and didn't think much about potential consequences, just took the money.

(Mainstream: good) The customer overseas contacted us to check out his girlfriend. Her job checked out, and on a weekday she just went between her home and job and smalltime shopping, no boyfriend, nothing suspicious. On a chosen Sunday for surveillance, she just hung out at her room and did a little outside shopping alone. (Many cases similar to this one.)

Above and below, the origin of the lady when the guy met her is given in parentheses (), categorized as follows:

  • "Bargirl": met her in a go-go bar (either dancing or non, such as Pattaya beer bar), and normally the guy supports the lady so she quits her job at the bar, and usually goes to English school or hangs out with no job
  • "Freelancer": met her in a prostitute pickup area like the Sukhumvit 7 Beer Garden, Insanity, Hard Rock Cafe, Gullivers, etc.
  • "Mainstream": met away from prostitution places -- office lady, university student, street seller of goods, etc.
  • "Internet dating": presumed mainstream lady, met on the internet somehow, no known history as bargirl

(Freelancer) The customer overseas was starting a fiancee visa application, but was concerned about his reputation if he brings the lady over and she goes out on him with another guy. She was quite attractive, and he knew that Thai ladies are often hit up on when they are overseas, so he wanted to know if she could be seduced into an affair over time. He hired our expat agent to do light entrapment. With little effort, the agent quickly had her phone number, an email address (not the same one as the customer had), a serious date, and of course a denial that she had any boyfriend. (We get a lot of these, and the majority fail to some measure from just light entrapment, not pushy entrapment flashing money or anything like that, though we can tailor it as you see fit.)

(Bargirl) The customer overseas requested we check out his girlfriend who seemed to go thru more money than most Thai ladies. She was just staying home, but we found she was living with a Thai boyfriend, and he was just hanging out, too, no job. Apparently, the foreigner's money was supporting the Thai boyfriend, too. It was abundantly obvious to our Thai lady surveillance agents that they were girlfriend-boyfriend from their body language. The girlfriend had also told the customer that she lived alone. We provided photos. Contrary to our guidance, the foreign customer's immediate reaction was to send her the photos and confront her (which not only put an end to any prospect that our ladies would try undercover interaction for anything more, but also meant our surveillance team would leave and never go back). The girlfriend claimed it was just her "brother" who had just arrived in town recently to look for a job... (How many stories are there on the internet about these Thai "brothers"?)

(Bargirl) The customer overseas requested we check out his girlfriend for a live-in Thai boyfriend. Surveillance never saw her at her Bangkok home, so we had one of our contacts call her home number with a pretense, whereby she revealed she was in Phuket. (The telephone companies have for many years provided "remote call forwarding" on landlines, so that a call to a landline can be diverted to a mobile phone or other landline while you are out, promoted for a small additional monthly charge. Of course, if the number you have is a mobile phone, not a landline, then it could be anywhere. Mobile phones far exceed landlines in both numbers and convenience, and have made landlines almost obsolete. Note that mobile numbers in Thailand have one extra digit, simply because they ran out of available numbers.) We picked up on her in Phuket and got a photo of her leaving a popular discotheque, then followed her home. Followed her again the next day ... long story ... but she was hunting for more tourists to add to her income streams.

(Freelancer) This is an exceptional case. The customer overseas contacted us because his 7-month pregnant fiancee in Pattaya suddenly stopped all communications. Our agent went to the address and asked for her but everyone suddenly stonewalled and acted suspicious towards us. We backed off and went to safe mode, pushing the customer for more information. He sent documentation showing the property we visited had been purchased in her name, together with a business registration certificate for a company they had set up. Both turned out to be forgeries. He had lost millions of baht. (Also, her official address far away in another province was occupied by only idle, drug addict looking people.) We closed the case for safety reasons. Two years later, she turned up arrested for drugging and robbing a tourist. (This is a case where the customer has requested we broadcast her identity, but we won't.) The customer also recalled finding a blood-soaked shirt wrapped up inside her bag she carried with her one day, but she explained it away saying someone had accidentally cut themself, though in hindsight he couldn't imagine any cut causing so much blood, and he just wanted to believe her at the time. She eventually disposed of it in a public trash bin far away. (Most crimes never hit the mass media.)

(Freelancer) Another exceptional case. A western family member inquired about their son being involved with a beautiful Thai lady who had recently been put in jail, and their son had been going thru extraordinary amounts of money, tens of millions of baht. Our investigation revealed that his beautiful girlfriend of high class demeanor had allegedly killed her Thai common law husband who was also her business partner, and then staked claim to many millions of baht as the beneficiary of his substantial life insurance policy (and there were questions of whether he was even aware of that life insurance policy taken out very recently), in addition to business assets. The police were diligent and had what looked like a rock solid case (can't go into details), despite witness intimidation, but it appeared the judge could have been bribed. In the short period before appeal, she fled Thailand (the court didn't even order to seize her passport). We quit this case except to monitor the court case and stay in touch with the police, until we found out that she left Thailand.

(Bargirl) The customer overseas contacted us because his girlfriend of 4 years started acting erratically after he sent her a large sum of money. Over the years, it had totalled a few million baht (car, house for parents, business). Our undercover agents travelled upcountry to her city and found she was no longer residing at her known rental residence, but we found her business, whereby she was living upstairs with her ex-husband and their children, and our agent's deep and long undercover investigation revealed they are a happy couple. They had little business sense, and were obviously living a subsidized life. She made no mention of the customer. Her husband had a government job. The ages of the children and her correlated with the customer's knowledge, but he thought we may have the wrong lady until we sent him the photos.

(Mainstream) The customer overseas contacted us to verify his girlfriend's fidelity. One day of surveillance verified that she had a normal job. However, in the late afternoon going home after work, she spoke with her Thai boyfriend on the phone on the skytrain with an agent squeezed onto the train right next to her, and they met for dinner and then she went to his upscale condo for two and a half hours before returning home. The customer placed a call to her during this time but she pretended to be at her own home. We provided SMS realtime and photos with time-date stamp.

(Mainstream) The customer overseas contacted us to check out his girlfriend. Her job checked out, and on a weekday she just went between her home and job and smalltime shopping, no boyfriend, nothing suspicious. On a chosen Sunday for surveillance, she just hung out at her room and did a little outside shopping alone. (Many cases similar to this one.)

(Freelancer) The customer overseas asked us to check out his girlfriend. The foreigner had stayed at her apartment before, so she was believed to be staying alone and wouldn't embarrass herself in her community. However, we noticed a man's laundry on her terrace, literally hung out to dry, and the customer said it wasn't his. She went out to eat with a Thai guy, with the body language of girlfriend and boyfriend. On the next day, at 8:30pm, we knocked on her door with a pretense of accidentally going to the wrong room, and a Thai guy was with her in home attire (as was she). The customer called and during the conversation she said that she still lived alone, didn't have any male friends, etc., sounding innocent, all while the Thai boyfriend was present in their one room apartment, but contrary to the photos and video we supplied the customer.

(Bargirl, disguised) The customer overseas contacted us to find out about his girlfriend in a restaurant and non-go-go bar who served as a waitress. He believed she never went with customers, as she had told him, and her alleged normal work history, but she decided that she wanted to waitress. It had taken him awhile to get her, so he believed she wasn't easy. Undercover investigation revealed her past was not so pure as she had told him, plus after work hours all her friends were old career bargirls past their prime plus somewhat younger ones, and they hung out in a crude bar. She didn't have any friends matching her alleged recent work history. My assessment was she was a bargirl getting old and knew she was more likely to catch a man's serious interest if she looked like a non-bargirl. He didn't want to believe it, and authorized overtime work, promising to pay well, and he pushed the fact he is wealthy (and revealed his high level work). We got photographic evidence of her going out with another guy, and indeed he could not reach her that night as when he called, as she rejected his call and then turned off her phone, quite different from normal times, then made a lame excuse the next day. Despite our mutual confidentiality agreement, he totally exposed our undercover agent, which we detected upon another visit and his girlfriend was hostile to our agent. (He didn't tell us, either.) (This is dangerous.) He never paid for the extra work as promised, just played games, and the last message we got was him saying he would be in touch and send money later but he had to go out at the moment and buy a few condominiums up on auction. Egomaniac. We stopped dealing with that mindset and karma.

(Bargirl) The wealthy customer overseas contacted us to find out what his wife was doing in Bangkok because he had given her large sums of money to support her family siblings but they had received none for two months, including school fees, and he was eventually contacted directly by a family member. He was close with her family. Lots of money had simply disappeared. We followed her and found out she had a younger Thai boyfriend, and also went gambling with him, clearly as girlfriend-boyfriend. However, his registered house residence was rented out to a policeman and the policeman's wife and child, nice family. We found out the subject's boyfriend was already deep in gambling debt preceding this affair, he had done similarly with other ladies, and his apartment location was unknown to everyone. To make a long story short, we resolved the issue peacefully via the family of the Thai boyfriend, and may have prevented a serious confrontation and escalation as the wealthy customer was big and strong and livid about everything (and revealed our investigation and our website identity to his wife, too, as we found out from her family, not from him) and he wanted his wife back. He almost stepped into major trouble.

(Internet dating: good) The customer overseas received information that his Thai girlfriend was cheating on him. Surveillance revealed that she in fact worked at the factory she claimed to work at, a fulltime job for many years already. She hung out with girlfriends at home, in a suburban neighborhood, and did not go out on weekends. When she went to the internet cafe, she chatted with only the customer. The information he received about her cheating came from a previous lover she had dumped, and therefore should not be considered reliable.

(Freelancer) The customer overseas asked us to check out his girlfriend's claimed workplace, residence and activities. We found out that she lied about having a particular job, she didn't stay at the apartment he rented for her, she lived elsewhere with an apparently conspiring gang (suspected mafia), she had a parttime policeman boyfriend for a long time already, she was known to have engaged in violence against another lady, and she was also known as a psychopathic liar and scammer who makes a lot of money. This lady didn't care about his family, either; only his money. The customer lost vast sums of money as well as a loving wife (who subsequently befriended us) and two children. He didn't want to believe us, and left his family for this girlfriend, but when we suggested he started to ask her for some documentation about some things like a copy of her lease, she got evasive, and upon his next visit she disappeared and cut all contact immediately before his scheduled arrival at the airport. We did not want to pursue this case any further as it looked very complicated with nothing good to gain, and advised he quit and limit his losses, too, because she was so clearly a scammer and he'd never get his money back.

(Internet dating) The customer overseas had us check out his internet dating girlfriend. She allegedly had a normal job, albeit low level, and he subsidized her income so she could live more comfortably. She allegedly lived alone. During surveillance, she hung out with a friend inside a shophouse street shop which did not fit the description of her job. After the customer's normal sleeping period started overseas, she left for an internet shop where she emailed some other guys overseas. She also got SMSes and got calls where she spoke on the phone in English occasionally. Obviously no job. She returned home in the early evening.

(Internet dating) The customer overseas had visited the lady before and had a great holiday with her, subsidized her income on top of her normal low-paid job, and all seemed well, but upon arrival at the airport she was not there to greet him, her phone was off, she wasn't answering SMSes or emails, and Thai lady agents found she had moved out of her apartment just a few days before his arrival with her other boyfriend's help. (We get a lot of these disappearances on the day the guy arrives in Thailand.) Thai lady agents got witness reports at her apartment building about another man staying with her with a description and some vague details about her occasional nightlife schedule. She was a shortterm resident and did not socialize much with others. Her official address was her provincial home far away, but the customer cut everything at this point and decided the trust was irreparably lost and it was time to move on with his life.

(Bargirl: good) The customer overseas asked us to check out his girlfriend in Pattaya, who lived in an apartment near walking street, and who he had met at a go-go bar. Weekend surveillance revealed she didn't go out at night during the observed time. Subsequent undercover interaction (by Thai lady agent) revealed that she loves her boyfriend and is waiting for him to return, and a visa application is already well underway. She has a child and family upcountry, and his support is modest, but she loves him and wants to settle down.

(Freelancer) Thai government official, a mutual friend of us and a foreign philanthropic donor, contacted us to check out the girlfriend of the foreign man. The foreigner had been introduced to her by someone else... We found she did not work where she said, and surveillance revealed she did not work at all, nor go to the university as claimed (though lived right next to one), and ran an erratic schedule. Undercover interaction by Thai lady agent revealed she was a call girl who also did internet dating with foreigners and quite promiscuous. She had introduced this particular man to her family and really fooled him in many ways. He was about to buy a condo in her name ... until he saw the evidence.

(Freelancer: good) The customer overseas asked us to entrap his girlfriend of 3 years and fiancee who works in a beauty salon. We sent a handsome and charming man in. She was a little bit playful and denied having a boyfriend but was not seriously interested in our guy, and kept trying to push the agent into dating one of the other ladies in the salon. Good result overall. (The majority of entrapment cases with this guy result in the lady failing. This lady passed.)

(Bargirl) The customer overseas requested surveillance of his girlfriend who he had met in a go-go bar. She was really serious about her studies and not going out on weekends. One day, she announced she was going to Pattaya, and surveillance revealed she went to Walking Street with her friends, but she did not show any interest in guys, and went back to her hotel alone. The next day, she returned to Bangkok.

(Bargirl: unknown) The customer overseas requested surveillance of his girlfriend's workplace. Traditional massage in suburban Bangkok, no sex, and works a regular schedule. We never got to the entrapment phase as the relationship failed after an argument.

(Bargirl) The customer overseas requested surveillance of his girlfriend in Pattaya. She went to a particular bar intermittently during the day and night, but the bar appeared to be dealing drugs, and several people acted suspicious, like they were on the lookout for plainclothes undercover police. We broke off the investigation shortly after arriving. The customer admitted that his friend had warned him that his girlfriend and her friends had erratic behavior which he thought indicated taking drugs, in addition to his friend seeing her go with a customer for a shorttime quickie.

(Bargirl) The customer overseas requested verification of his girlfriend's new workplace at a normal job and her faithfulness. Surveillance from her apartment never saw her for 2 days, and at the end, undercover interaction with the occupant of her room revealed she didn't stay there and another guy had rented the room for her (not our customer). We eventually found her with her Thai "husband" in a distant suburb, and she worked at a prostitution workplace during the time she was at her other alleged job. Her alleged job was apparently a total fabrication. We sent in an expat to socialize with her as a customer, and she was laying on other fabricated stories to be saved from prostitution work, but the photo of her convinced the customer we had the right lady, so the case was finally closed. She had taken this guy home to meet her family, and had him almost totally convinced. He had expected us to verify her story, not turn up quite different results like this.

(Mainstream: good) The customer overseas requested we find out about his Thai girlfriend who broke off contact. Undercover socializing revealed she loves the customer but he has a wife and child and she doesn't want to make a problem for his family, especially his child. The customer acknowledged he's precisely the guy she's talking about.

(Bargirl) The customer overseas requested surveillance on his girlfriend. She went to a nightclub, was seduced and picked up by a man, and went to his luxury hotel with their arms around each other (photographed) at 2am. The customer called her and told her even what floor she was on (from our observation of the elevator). She apologized and cried and went home immediately. (He was supporting her with major money, and tried to repair the relationship, but a year later she left him for another rich guy after he had moved to Thailand and invested heavily in property for their relationship.)

(Freelancer) The customer overseas requested surveillance. The girlfriend went to a well known freelance pickup joint, and ran outside to answer his phone calls (and we photographed her). She didn't get a customer that day, but the next day she was an easy pickup by a male agent.

(Freelancer) The customer overseas had a long and bizarre story and requested undercover interaction. He had been financially supporting this lady in her business but the numbers just didn't add up and he wondered where the money went. The lady had a shop and lived above it, but a policeman boyfriend or husband went there after work and stayed overnight. The policeman worked in a district known for its prostitution.

(Internet dating) The customer overseas requested we find a lady he was doing internet chat with for a long time. She refused to give him her address. It took us a few weeks to find it, and we went overtime at no extra charge. Her mobile phone was registered at a remote suburban address but she wasn't staying there, and other leads led our agents around other places until we finally caught up with her undercover. We never saw her at any 6-day workplace like she described to the customer, nor did she mention this to us, but did find her in an apartment with a handsome younger guy who worked nearby which raised a whole lot of questions and we saw her hanging around at his workplace. Customer said he was aware of this "relative", but there were serious questions raised by her discussion of the nature of that arrangement. We didn't get much further in the investigation before the customer lost patience, saying we had taken too long and found out nothing except she lived in an apartment, and just totally lost reason and said to stop all communications with him.

(Bargirl) The customer overseas requested we find out about his Thai wife who he had lost contact with. We found out she had been arrested with a major stash of drugs in her room, and police had been doing surveillance and undercover work on this case for quite some time. The customer had nothing to do with drugs and needed to be careful about his associations in Thailand. His phone number is in her mobile phone logs, and it is registered in his home country so that his name could be obtained easily, if it wasn't already by their marriage certificate.

(Freelancer) The customer hired us to do surveillance and try undercover interaction on his girlfriend. There were many red flags and questions from his story, but after we started the investigation he suddenly cancelled it and said to cease and desist in everything.

(Bargirl: good) The customer overseas requested surveillance on his girlfriend who had been an occasional bargirl for 4 years, and he met her at a go-go bar. Surveillance on a weekday and a weekend day revealed she was going to English school on time, living alone, and not going out into the nightlife. Later, undercover interaction eventually revealed she loves our customer and is waiting for him. She had broken off a relationship with a wealthy Japanese businessman who came into Bangkok periodically, who she also liked but he could not commit to her due to his family in Japan, so when our customer committed to her with a fiancee visa and intention to marry, she dropped the other guy.

(Bargirl: good) The customer overseas requested a character assessment of his girlfriend working in a bar. He expected a bad report, admitted he never imagined he would love a bargirl like this, and didn't want to ask her to quit the bar and then support her, because of all the stories he read on the internet about cheating bargirls... We sent in an expat to socialize. The lady sat alone, not with the other ladies of the bar. Eventually, upon socializing, our male agent found the lady to be unusually good, and she just had a child to support and did not drink or smoke or do anything crazy. She seemed good in the key traits necessary for a solid relationship. Without our agent asking, she also spoke about our customer, and only our customer, and how she hoped he would take her out of the bar and marry her. However, she was quite willing to go to a shorttime hotel for sex with our agent. (We get out of this by an emergency phone call...) The customer accepted all this and the result was judged "good", not bad nor grey. He eventually married her and they've been happy ever after. She's completely faithful in the marriage.

(Freelancer) A very wealthy customer hired us to follow his wife while he is on travel. Surveillance (she drove fast!) and undercover socializing with a key friend revealed that his wife was paying young gigolos, foreign models in Thailand, by visiting their apartments.

(?) The client met the beautiful lady overseas when she split with another boyfriend there. The client was very wealthy and around 30 years older than her. He was a nice person, looked good for his age, and seemed smart. However, he felt suspicious and wanted us to just follow her for awhile. Much of this lady's history was insufficiently clear to us, but the more we found out about this lady, the more it seemed she had little to no serious work history, though considerable skill as a trophy partner. She enjoyed nightclubs and alcohol, and seemed irresponsible, so we questioned whether or not she was a freelancer in the past, or just a gold digger. The client gave her a nice place to stay and lots of money to live on, so she would be challenged to find a wealthier man, or a better person, and she had the freedom to do nearly whatever she wished ... except, of course, infidelity. Surveillance caught her exiting a nightclub with a handsome Caucasian man who looked quite a lot younger than her, with the guy being maybe college age or a little beyond, and apparently not much money, whereby they exhibited public displays of affection, and she went with him to his cheap place very late at night after clubbing.

(Bargirl) The customer overseas had an allegedly pregnant Thai girlfriend who was telling him she wanted the baby but not him, a wild psychological manipulation based on his being married already overseas, and her cutting off email communications with excuses but talked on the phone about her poverty and doctors bills and money needs. We found her at her registered address, and she didn't look pregnant at all, but she did go out late at night when she said she was asleep, and a photo revealed she was wearing gold that she had told him she had pawned because she was out of money.

(Bargirl) The customer overseas wanted us to verify his Pattaya fiancee's employment and check for any late night behavior. The first time we went, surveillance revealed she was not at home. With a pretense, we found out she was at her home town without her telling the customer, and we overheard another foreigner in the background. (Our customer had visited her family just a few months before.) The customer was good at not blowing the investigation, but he was heavily invested already, money-wise. We resumed surveillance later. She was not working in her alleged job. She was working in a massage place which offered extras (sexual services) upon request. We also saw her meet a man and take him to her room for an hour, and photographed them leaving and hugging and saying their goodbyes. Her loving emails were written by her associate in close cooperation.

(Bargirl) The overseas customer had a girlfriend who had allegedly moved back to slightly upcountry, and he was concerned about the "uncle" she was reportedly living with. However, we found she wasn't there and had gone back to Pattaya while pretending to be upcountry. In Pattaya, we found she had just gone to Bangkok because her [latest] boyfriend was about to fly out, and with a pretense we found out which hotel she was staying in. We got photos of them exiting and entering and sent them to the customer. A lady agent followed them up the elevator and got the exact room number. The customer called her room and spoke with her ...

The origin of the lady when the guy met her is given in parentheses (), categorized as follows:

  • "Bargirl": met her in a go-go bar (either dancing or non, such as Pattaya beer bar), and normally the guy supports the lady so she quits her job at the bar, and usually goes to English school or hangs out with no job
  • "Freelancer": met her in a prostitute pickup area like the Sukhumvit 7 Beer Garden, Hard Rock Cafe, Gullivers, etc.
  • "Mainstream": met away from prostitution places -- office lady, university student, street seller, etc.
  • "Internet dating": presumed mainstream lady, met on the internet somehow, no known history as bargirl

Sample case studies of Thai girlfriends:

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