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Discreet Investigation of Husband's Thai Girlfriend

Finding Out ABOUT Thai Girlfriend

Note: All names have been changed to protect the identities of individuals and businesses.

In most cases where the girlfriend is known about, the customer is the foreign wife. However, often it is the man's family who is concerned about whether their brother or son or father is being taken advantage of by a Thai lady and spending the family money foolishly, or whether the family's reputation is on the line.

Of the foreign wife cases, sometimes it is for divorce cases, whereby our mission is to document (including photos and videos) the infidelity of the husband. Other times, it is just finding out about the Thai lady and situation for closure to the relationship whereby the foreign lady can deal with it, or sometimes to re-establish contact with the male subject after abandonment.

In these cases, the husband or boyfriend is the "male subject", and the Thai lady is the "female subject", as both are already known of from the beginning.

The customer sometimes has the phone number of the lady from the husband's mobile phone or phone bill, and/or her email address, and/or her name, and sometimes other information such as bank account where he was sending money, home address, any work information, etc.

However, even if we have just one good piece of information, we can usually find the female subject, and then find out about her.

We can also follow the male subject from the airport, and then continue to follow him. Usually, the female subject will meet the male subject at the airport, but not always.

Foreign men meet Thai ladies in generally one of these 4 categories, in order of most common to least common:

  • Bargirl, met during a previous trip to Thailand
  • Internet dating and chat lady(s)
  • Met in Thai public somewhere, e.g., shopping, upscale nightclub, beach, etc.
  • Met a Thai lady in established business or non-bar personal community, inside or outside Thailand

Surveillance is usually key to these investigations, but we also often match a Thai lady agent to the female subject or her close friends, and/or match an expat male agent to the male subject or his close friends, to befriend them and perform discreet unwitting interrogations over time.

From the female subject's side, we can often find out how much money she is getting from the man, whether she loves the man for anything besides his money (essentially), where and how they met, what their plans are as a couple, and about any other boyfriend(s).

Where does the money go?

  • Lavish spending on her consumer needs -- conspicuous consumption and fashion?
  • Another boyfriend, who doesn't work himself, letting her to all the "work"?
  • Building a decent family home in the province, and/or supporting her family?
  • Setting up the girlfriend in a business? (Countless careless failures in this category...)
  • ... and many other ways ...

From the male subject's side, we can often find out if he's just in love with this one Thai lady in particular -- or in love with Thai ladies and Thailand in general whereby he doesn't want to return to his home country. If it's the latter, as it often is, then it's usually over -- a lost cause for the foreign wife or foreign girlfriend.

In foreign wife cases, when we think it might be helpful to both her and the male subject, we might consider with the foreign wife the possibility of revealing to the man that we are his wife's agent, and talk with the man to try to either work out a solution best for everyone, or else a separation with the least damage. These are emotional issues with a lot of stress, which normally distorts reason in the shortterm, and sometimes in the longterm. Issues include the children, loss of financial support, abandonment, loss of leadership and guidance, and betrayal of trust.

However, it is often just closure to a relationship, once and for all, whereby the foreign wife or foreign girlfriend knows what happened and what the complete situation is, so she can deal with it herself, completely.

We also have a page on detecting a Thai girlfriend of a husband.

Sample case studies of Thai girlfriends:

Introducing your optional expat PI - Mark > Surveillance, Thai Lady > TGF of Husband, Discreet

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