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Undercover Agent Investigation of Thai Girlfriend

An "undercover" agent may operate alone with the subject (but usually with a "backup" in case something goes wrong). Often, an undercover agent is used in combination with surveillance.

An undercover agent can potentially get a lot of information such as what the subject truly feels and thinks about the customer, other men who are sending money but not detectable by surveillance, and so on. This kind of personal information is not feasible to get from just surveillance.

Notably, this normally must be done by a Thai lady agent skilled at "girl talk". There is just no other realistic option which is anywhere nearly as likely to yield open and fairly honest and complete results as regards an interactive undercover operation.

In most undercover cases, the single greatest challenge is "matching" a Thai lady agent to the subject, as regards Thai cultural status, background, personality, style, interests, etc.

Foreign men who are not very familiar with Thailand need to understand that not all Thai people are alike. Could a Thai lady just take a random person of your race in your country and tell them to be an undercover agent to get information from you, such as what you think and feel about her, whether you have multiple Thai girlfriends, what you are doing with your money, etc? How would they meet you -- not knowing anyone in your community? Would you wonder why they are trying to steer the conversation to your Thai girlfriend and related personal affairs? Would they even be the kind of person you would want to socialize with?

Priority #1 is to remain discreet. An insignificant result is better than a blown case. Even if the subject gets just a little bit suspicious, that can make our job much more difficult if not impossible. It's better to have a "miss" on a try, and keep the case open for a subsequent agent & tactic, until we get a break. (The same applies to simply going to the subject's environment and asking people in her community questions about her as sources... Anyone can do that, but it can easily be counterproductive.)

Experience, skill, and careful strategy count the most.

There are a variety of tactics to establish a dialogue between the undercover agent and the subject, and we have a wide range of methods and pretexts. In the end, it comes down to research of the subject, coming up with various strategies, and matching an agent for the operation. Usually, this research is all done in advance with the client. Sometimes, however, it requires surveillance in addition, and done on the fly by experienced, skilled, and smooth Thai lady agents.

Usually, this goes a lot more smoothly and with less difficulty than the customer expects. With the right kind of preparation, our first attempt usually works. However, some cases are very difficult, and it may take a second attempt using a different method. Occasionally, in the most difficult cases, an undercover agent has taken a waitress job at a restaurant (AWOL after result), or arranged to be in the same English class as the subject, or even rented a room near the subject and been the new girl in town, needing help, and sponsored by a man overseas... -- for difficult cases. Most cases don't require these extreme measures.

Undercover agent methods are the most secret, and we don't want to divulge these secrets over the internet which could lead to them becoming well known and not working, especially the most effective ones.

Sample case studies of Thai girlfriends:

Introducing your optional expat PI - Mark > Surveillance, Thai Lady > Undercover Investigation

To get the right person for the job, please send a message to our "inbox" (not "info") at

Alternatively, you can just use our contact form

Either way, we will usually respond within 1 to 24 hours.

This website is entirely self-made, not outsourced to any public relations or web design company. We wrote all the content, and did all the programming and artwork, too, ourselves. It's still 2002 style and many people have commented on this almost 20 years later, but we prefer to do everything ourselves.

All text content on our site is proudly original and copyright © 1997-2024, All Rights Reserved.
We do not tolerate copycats, and we are honorable people with class.
(Our Managing Director previously worked in intellectual property for the U.S. government as his first job right out of the university a long time ago.)
Please remember

Our company is located in central Bangkok on Sukhumvit soi 2, within walking distance of the skytrain, between the Ploenchit and Nana stations.

Thailand Private Investigations,
a division of:

Lucky Lion Pride Co., Ltd.
Ploymitr Office Building, Floor 7
81 Sukhumvit soi 2
Klongtoey, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110

"The harder we work, the luckier we get."

By appointment only, please.
Sometimes, an agent can meet you at
your location (depends on location).

Email: inbox at our domain name.
Office Tel.: +66-2255-0620
Mobile: +66-80-062-4243 (native English speaker)

Old customers please note: We moved our office from Pakkred, Nonthaburi to the city center. Please do not go out to our old office in Pakkred, on Bond Street. We are no longer there.

New customers introduction: We are a close knit group of family and trusted friends who take pride in our work.

Our office is co-located with Export Quality Services Co., Ltd., aka EQ, which is the same company we previously operated under, but we split off the private investigations business to a daughter company, Lucky Lion Pride Co., Ltd., whereby EQ now focuses on language translation and some other things.

Mobile Tel.: +66-80-062-4243 or 080-062-4243 (native English speaker) -- call ANYTIME, 24/7 (I turn off my phone volume when asleep)
If you want to chat via LINE / WhatsApp, please add the phone number above to your phone's contacts, and it should automatically add me to your LINE and WhatsApp shortly after that.
For expediting in LINE, my LINE ID is alphalion (alpha lion with no space between the words).
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