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Expat Applicants for Private Investigator Positions in Thailand

Please understand that I get a lot of applicants from expats for private investigations. Please be aware that you would be the latest in a long line of western strangers who have inquired for work in the 10+ years since I opened this private investigation website in 2002.

If you are in a particular location of interest far from Bangkok, then we might have something you could do on a quick response basis occasionally. However, if you want steady work and income, that's a different matter. Indeed, I don't depend on this business for all my income, and it has become a sideline.

I started this business in 1997 when I lost work due to the Asia economic crash but had a wife and daughter to feed here, so I started to do this private investigation work but stayed cautious and discreet until building up contacts. In addition to strangers, many friends and customers have inquired whether they could help out.

Even for foreigners in distant places like Samui, Chiang Mai, and elsewhere, a common problem is that these people are foreigners who cannot read and write Thai, i.e., are illiterate in Thai, most don't speak the Thai language much, and they also stand out as a foreigner in Thailand, not discreet. Foreigners cannot blend in, and people watch them and wonder what they are doing. To see this another way, consider a Thai tourist coming to [your home country] who cannot read or write English and doesn't even know the alphabet, plus they stand out ethnically, and they don't have contacts nor have much experience in the customs ... but they want to be a private investigator in [your country] and have a dream.

If you look at an archive of my website from 2003 at then you will see that it hasn't changed much in nearly 10 years. The reason is simple: this is a small sideline. (There are also about 20 expat competitors here, not including the countless ones who have come and gone over the years.)

Occasionally, a friend has pushed me and I've given them a case, but it has sometimes become a point of friction as the case hasn't unfolded like they imagined, and then we have a customer who is pushing to get some significant results for the money they sent me, whereby the friend starts to have an attitude problem and rationalize because they've put in a lot of time and effort already but still don't have the kinds of results expected and want to give up, leaving me with the mess to pick up and complete the case later than we should have. The buck stops here.

In Hollywood scripts, the good guys win and things unfold, well, like a prearranged script ... but in reality, it is not so easy in most cases. Nor as glamorous. Besides finding information, customers require photographic proof (not just your word) which requires *discreetly* getting the right angles and moments. And hours of patience and perseverance, but not to miss a quick moment.

The right kind of training and equipment are required, but also self discipline, perseverance, and commitment, just to be successful in one's own home country. In Thailand, when you add in the various issues of language, culture, contacts, and ethnic contrast, the challenges become much higher.

I have a few businesses (including Thai English professional translation) and longtime staff, yet those who help out in private investigations are carefully selected, apprenticed, and proven before I let them do jobs on their own, unsupervised. As I state on my home page, this is not the kind of business where you just find somebody who is available, if you hope to be successful.

We occasionally get a case which an expat can help out on, such as going into an expat bar or massage place in some distant part of Thailand, whereby I keep a copy of the messages of expats wanting to do P.I. work for candidates to help out. (In central Thailand, I already have a good friend who does the occasional in-the-bar cases.)

If you are looking for adventure in Thailand, there are many better ways of doing that, with less responsibility, less stress, and more enjoyment.

If you are looking for a livelihood in Thailand, I suggest import-export, which is a good match for a foreigner, and far more lucrative. May I also point out that private investigation customers are one-offs, in contrast to import-export customers who are repeat business when it comes to reorders of stock. If you want to talk about import-export, then I may be more interested.

Otherwise, I hope this one page has saved us both time.

Kind regards,

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Our office is co-located with Export Quality Services Co., Ltd., aka EQ, which is the same company we previously operated under, but we split off the private investigations business to a daughter company, Lucky Lion Pride Co., Ltd., whereby EQ now focuses on language translation and some other things.

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