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Surveillance Policies of our Bangkok, Thailand office

We have standard operating procedures and policies for how we conduct surveillance. We are well aware that many people don't like one or more things in them, and may go elsewhere for their surveillance as a result, so please read thru these before agreeing to cooperate with us.

The vast majority of our investigations go smoothly and nicely with our customers. However, one of the reasons we don't have many bad experiences is because we usually have reasonable customers who are open to two-way communications, we are not just hired mercenaries for the rich, and we screen whether or not we are a good match for our customer. With many customers, we haven't even bothered to discuss "terms and conditions" too much, we just went forward based on trust and good rapport.

However, some inquiries and cases have gotten into some issues, so we want to make some things clear:

1. Staying discreet is our top priority.

We are usually able to follow a person from the start to the planned end, successfully and discreetly. However, sometimes we lose a person. It is far more common for us to lose a person than to be suspected. It is very rare and unusual for our surveillance people to be suspected.

There are tradeoffs in being discreet vs. aggressive. For example, if we must make a split second decision during surveillance, we would rather lose somebody on a particular day than blow a case. If a case is blown, it can disturb the person of interest, upset your relationship with the person of interest, and end the surveillance at that point, potentially before sufficient evidence has been collected. It is better to keep the case alive to follow again another day.

We are very rarely suspected of surveillance in the field. This is because we have standard operating procedures for surveillance, use trained and experienced staff (though occasionally an apprentice in a more minor role after training, managed by experienced staff), and people normally are not looking out for surveillance.

We have actually followed many people who WERE looking out for surveillance and even practicing standard surveillance detection routines, whereby we were successful and not detected, e.g., people doing illegal or unethical or other sensitive business, as well as just lovers who we have caught on video before and who were already confronted with our video before we resumed following again. However, you should tell us if a person has been followed before.

If a person of interest is engaging in behavior of special interest, e.g., if we are following a wife and she is with another man, then of course we get more assertive in our surveillance. (Indeed, when couples are together, they tend to be even less aware of their environments.)

Sometimes we get a very intense and demanding customer who seems to not understand the differences between Hollywood and the Real World, or else have an unrealistic imagination. For example, they want excessive amounts of video of nearly the person's every move even if they are not doing anything suspicious, or want us to get way too aggressive during times of suspicious behavior such as following inside multiple go-go bars and taking video within them, or too tricky interactive encounters, or excellent dark lighting videos, etc.

We focus mainly on discreetly watching and following, and taking discreet videos over time. We try to avoid interactions with people when unnecessary. We keep any necessary interactions to the minimum, such as talking with any people in the environment, or even interacting with the person of interest, which we usually try to avoid. If the customer wants us to interact with the person of interest, then that should be discussed with the customer in advance.

For example, to find a missing girlfriend, and to confirm that she is in fact at the particular location, customers sometimes want us to send flowers to her and to identify her at that location, that she is the one receiving the flowers herself at the location she specifies. This is not something we recommend, except as a last resort, and with acknowledgement of the risks. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and many ladies have heard about this tactic from the grapevine, or may just get suspicious. If it's not necessary, then such a shortcut should not be tried.

We absolutely will not harass any person of interest nor their innocent liaisons. (For example, one customer blew a case while we were following, against our agreement, then demanded we drive right up extremely close to them to show them they are being followed. Of course, we refused and we broke off immediately due to the breach of agreement. Others have wanted to get back at their partner's liaison who was apparently innocent. People can remove wedding rings. How would a new boyfriend know that a lady is married, when the husband is overseas?)

2. We have some basic policies which you must agree to. It may vary from case to case, and include:

We do not want to disturb the person of interest, nor any liaison of theirs. What you do as regards your romantic or marital partner is up to you, but our job is limited to surveillance and trying to remain discreet, not harassing anybody ourselves. We are not up for hire for harassing people, and that is not part of the service you pay for.

Notably, in many cases, a partner's other romantic liaison is innocent, and does not know they are in a romantic relationship with a married person, or what the situation actually is.

We normally send customers video which clearly shows the face of their liaison, and might be able to identify their liaison, too, depending upon circumstances. In some cases, we switch from following the customer's romantic or marital partner to following their liaison in order to find out who that person is, what kind of person they are (such as prostitute or what), and so on. However, this is for informational purposes only, so you better understand the situation. This is not to harass an innocent liaison.

However, occasionally but very rarely, we run into a significant issue as regards surveillance footage of a partner's liaison. For example, if we are following a wife or girlfriend and she has a liaison with a man who just happens to be a big politician or official in a sensitive position, or something rather Earth-shaking like that beyond just your personal case, then we might blur out the man's face in photos and videos sent (or correspondingly the woman's face if we are following a boyfriend or husband and a similar situation arises). Usually, we don't blur out any faces. It comes up only in some exceptional "Oh my goodness!" case discoveries. In personal cases, occasionally a liaison is in a highly sensitive professional occupation (not just some ordinary socialite or big business person) which could have significant repercussions in a much broader way far past your personal situation, if things are mishandled. In such cases where we blur a face, we are usually okay to show the customer the raw video or photos in our office, so you can see their faces and who they are, but just not release digital copies of them out of our control. We may release photos and videos with blurred faces in such cases. Again, this is rare, but has happened occasionally over the years. Generally, we reserve the option to blur out the face of any liaison in photos and videos sent. However, for legal cases, the faces are left intact, generally.

3. You must agree to not reveal our identity to the people we do surveillance or research on, unless necessary, such as a legal case, a police or other official matter, and some other exceptions which you should discuss with us in advance of revealing our identity.

We are not too worried about angry people showing up at our office (though they may be in for a surprise), but we just want to avoid the hassles and annoyances which are not necessary, and which we don't have time to hassle with, the annoyances and distractions. Such things have happened many times since we went public in 2003, angry people coming to our office, and things like that. (We have standard operating procedures for handling that, too, but would rather avoid it altogether.)

Bangkok and Thailand may be vast, but they are actually a somewhat small world as regards the expat community. We emphasize the "private" in private investigations.

4. Expectations can be unrealistic. As noted before, some people think this is like Hollywood or have wild expectations. We don't try to take videos through windows into private bedrooms, we don't snake cameras under doors, we don't climb trees to see over walls, etc. We can't always get great video in dark places, and we don't take major risks at every chance to get any video ...

Sometimes, we've encountered demanding, unreasonable, and abusive language (people can get too emotional and/or try to be manipulative). I'm not talking about just a little bit of pushiness or a temporary reaction, as I understand human nature and actually I'm quite patient and tolerant. However, sometimes it just goes on too long or gets to be too much. As noted before, we reserve the right to end any investigation at any time and return the difference in money.

For a particular kind of case, there might be some additional policies, or some things we should discuss as regards how we should proceed for your particular case. "One size does not fit all."

Often, customers leave all or most of the surveillance operations to us after giving us the objectives and the information needed. We normally analyze the case and may survey the environment, then discuss our strategy with the customer and have a two way dialogue. Occasionally, some customers try to tell us how to do our job. We usually don't take offense at that, are open to ideas and discussions, understand that many customers like to know what's being planned and what's going on, and are okay to discuss the pluses and minuses of various approaches, including raising issues of risk which the customer had not considered when they suggested particular things. You may also discuss with us just how aggressive you want us to be in surveillance, and we can discuss with you any significant risks involved in following any initial directions from you, and may suggest alternatives. The vast majority of cases follow standard operating procedures, but sometimes there are exceptions. We try to remain flexible, but do have our limits in what we are willing to do.

Problems sometimes arise with some customers who are a bit overbearing and try to tell us what to do in a one-way conversation like they are just hiring us to take their directives, and they have no experience in investigations like they are trying to direct us to do, often with bad ideas which are likely to blow an investigation and/or not be effective and/or go against our policies, when actually we have better methods for doing their investigation. We also sometimes have customers who turn to abusive language. Typically, these are customers with a lot of money who are accustomed to dealing with their sycophants, subordinates, and low level underlings. We are not mercenaries. We reserve the right to terminate any investigation and refund the remainder of the money at any time, full stop.

That said, the vast majority of our investigations go smoothly and pleasantly. However, we screen our customers. We don't actually need money too much. We don't have the time for headaches and problems, and would rather live with peace of mind to a reasonable extent. If you have a lot of money and want to hire a mercenary to just take your directives then you should go elsewhere. However, if you want to engage a private investigator and respect our experience and expertise, then please make contact with us.

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