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Surveillance of Thai Girlfriend

Note: All names have been changed to protect the identities of individuals and businesses (some businesses excepted).

"Surveillance" is both watching at a fixed location (can include snapshots or video) and also following someone -- "foot surveillance" or "vehicle surveillance". Most vehicle surveillance is done by motorcycle with a foot surveillance lady agent on back, though a car or taxi may be utilized in some cases (especially as regards expressway).

We do surveillance only in public areas, and never inside an apartment/condo/house nor a hotel room.

For surveillance to be discreet, it requires Thai people because foreigners stand out and get noticed in Thai society such as around the Thai lady's apartment building. The only exception is inside a bar oriented to tourists and expats, particularly go-go bars where only foreign men are allowed in. Even in freelancer bars and other general nightclubs, a Thai lady will be less noticed and "off the radar".

We use very ordinary looking and dressed down Thai ladies for all surveillance which requires following people, except in nightclubs where they must be dressed up a little. It also helps to rotate agents in case one may have been noticed, or in-between locations.

To be effective, we use a team, not just one person. This is because it is too easy to "lose" a subject in transit between two locations unless there is a team. Our agents have good training in professional surveillance methods.

The most common case is the guy who wants to know where his girlfriend goes and what she does, and whether it correlates with what she is telling him.

We have many cases in which we have found:

  • The lady does not work where she says she works (and in these cases usually doesn't work at all!)
  • The lady has a dependent Thai boyfriend at her apartment, and he does not work, just lives on her money
  • The lady flirts or sees other customers
  • The lady is actually doing what she says she is doing, more or less (i.e., good result)

Our top priority is to remain discreet. We achieve this by careful professional methods using very experienced surveillance agents to lead the work. (Every agent undergoes training before being put into a secondary role.) It is important for protecting your relationship, for not scaring the subject, and also to not make our job difficult for us because if surveillance is ever suspected then it gets more difficult. Normally, people don't look over their shoulder or pay much notice to ordinary details around them, but if an agent follows too closely or does anything that isn't ordinary, then they can get noticed, and then they must leave the case to the remaining agents.

We don't do fancy disguises which can get attention, but we have been known to do a few things with wigs (ordinary looking hair but different length, color and style), hats (especially during fixed surveillance), glasses, and switched shirts. However, this can't be pushed too much, and it doesn't work on all face and body types.

A Few Surveillance Cases

Bangkok, Ekkamai soi 30:

The customer had originally met the lady at a Sukhumvit beer garden, and she had professed to quitting the Sukhumvit nightlife for a future with him, which included going to English school and getting a normal job with a "sister" of hers running a shop in The Mall Ramkamhaeng.

The PI did not find the subject at that shop in The Mall Ramkamhaeng, though she had met the customer there before (and oddly left her "workplace" early with the customer during his visit to Thailand, but he thought it was understood to be a special day). Checking with her English school her attendance was poor, so we had to do surveillance from her apartment. The customer's phone calls indicated she was in some kind of shopping mall when he would call, judging from the background noise.

The subject did not leave the apartment for school on time, and in fact didn't go to school at all. After some time, she appeared, leaving with a young Thai guy, like they were boyfriend and girlfriend and her touching him from time to time. They ate together at a street vendor area, then she took a taxi and he walked back to the apartment.

The taxi took her to the skytrain station. From there she went to the MBK shopping center, where we had to follow closely to not lose her in the crowd. She knew several people there who were manning little kiosks on an upper level, and she would smile and somewhat flirt and giggle with her friends occasionally with a few passing foreigners. She would also shop around herself. This is where she was when the boyfriend in California called her in his nighttime before bedtime. (He said it didn't sound the same every time, so who knows if this is the same place she went every day, and sometimes she would be on the street "taking a cigarette break" and "hoping he would call" during her break.)

After that call, she went back to the skytrain and on to the Nana station where she went to an internet cafe and did email with several boyfriends using an interpreter and typist who was helping her more than a little with her emails... (common around Nana), and then went to the soi 7 Beer Garden (which, incidentally, is where the customer originally met her).

She flirted a lot but didn't get any serious customers.

Shortly before 9pm, she left and went to the Miami apartments at Sukhumvit soi 13. That's where she was when he called her at night, not in her own apartment. After his call, when she was supposed to be going to sleep (and him to work in California), she came out of the Miami with 2 other ladies and they continued their nightlife activity at Thermae. There, she had better luck and at closing got in the taxi with a middle aged foreign guy and proceeded a short distance to a medium range hotel.

The above case is fairly typical of a surveillance operation, though that case got thorough results on the first day (as most do, especially if conducted on Saturday or Friday). Most surveillance cases have unique features to them.

Bangkok Petchburi Rd. case, and a similar case on On-Nut:

The Thai girlfriend allegedly had a shop of her own she was going to every day, and she needed more and more money assistance. She pushed our European man to his limit, until he said no. She gave him a final ultimatum and then cut him off whereby he could not reach her on her phone, so this European man hired us to find her and her new mobile phone number.

We had surveillance on her apartment almost immediately, but she never walked past, both cases.

Petchburi: After awhile, our Thai lady agent went to information and the security guard saying she was worried about her friend who had just stopped calling and couldn't be reached, and was she OK. They reported she had left the country with a foreigner and checked out.

Like in the fake student case discussed elsewhere on this website, the lady above had pushed the European to his limit in sending her money shortly before she was to leave Thailand with another man, basically cashing in the European man for as much money as she could squeeze out of him before dumping him, including a final ultimatum, in a pathological way.

On Nut: The locals had last seen her with a foreigner, and that was at about the exact same time she broke up with her boyfriend, but she had not moved out. It was both the first and last time they had seen that foreigner, and the last they had seen of her. She left with a bag, presumably of clothes. The agent made a trip to her mother's home, and found out from the mother that the lady had travelled overseas for a few months under the sponsorship of a foreigner -- to a country bordering the one our customer was in (both in Europe)!

Notably, it has been our experience from "missing girlfriend" cases that when ladies working multiple foreign guys at the same time prepare to leave Thailand with a particular boyfriend, many of them will push the other boyfriends to the max on money demands and crises in the short period before their departure. We have another case study of that at the bottom of this page involving a true hotel employee and alleged student.


The customer had met the lady at her shop where she was an employee, and he thought they naturally hit it off well. He left Thailand wondering if he was special or if she was skilled at selling herself to guys.

On Friday and Saturday, the lady truly left her apartment in the late morning, went to her little shop in the mall (albeit in naughty fashionable clothes), and sold mobile phones. She did not flirt except for selling the phones and in a limited way, and had a good instinct about who was serious and who was just looking. She did not bite the bait to meet our expat agent presenting himself as a wealthy but ordinary tourist after work (a guy who about two-thirds of the subjects go out with in light entrapment). He started off just interested in seeing a mobile phone. When she realized he wasn't really interested in a phone but only in her, she soon switched to another customer. She did not give him her phone number. After the shop closed she really went home, and stayed home all night, no weekend nightlife partying. Same routine the next day. Her friends in adjacent shops showed up at work regularly, too. Only ladies in the apartment. (Photos provided.)

Bangkok, Klong Tan:

The foreign guy was engaged to the lady, and sending money all the time. He could reach her on the phone at any time, but he had a few suspicions nonetheless, such as increasing money requests. He expected surveillance to find her faithful because he could reach her on her mobile phone all the time.

We put her under general surveillance. The first day, she didn't exit for her English classes but she did appear in the evening about an hour before sunset ... with a Thai guy who appeared to be her boyfriend. He was young and fairly athletic looking.

Over the next two days we noticed that she was going in and out of the apartment with this Thai guy for things like eating, laundry, and shopping, and they were going out on his motorcycle with her touching him like a girlfriend, such as her putting her hands on his thighs. (We got photos.)

She wasn't going to her English class. The Thai guy didn't work, but just hung out in the apartment.

An agent went up and knocked on the door with the pretext of "Oops, wrong room", and after a minute or so the Thai guy opened the door. He had only a towel wrapped around him. They were watching TV. The agent pretended to be looking for someone, and so the boyfriend asked the subject who was in bed with the sheet up and apparently no clothes on judging by the exposed shoulders.

The customer was delaying sending money at this time.

Then a weird thing happened on the second night. The Thai boyfriend went out on his motorcycle to a dodgy looking karaoke place on nearby Pattanakarn Rd. (which has many nearby sex massage places), picked up a big Thai guy, they came back to the apartment together, then the Thai boyfriend immediately appeared at the hallway window outside of the room and stood there looking out the hallway window for about 30 minutes like he was passing time while the big Thai guy was in the room with the subject. Then the Thai boyfriend left the window and the big Thai guy exited the apartment and the building immediately thereafter and found his way back himself, while the boyfriend probably returned to the room with the subject. It appeared that the boyfriend had just pimped.

This one's got to be one of the worst cases ever, emotionally, for the customer, who was in a fairly high socioeconomic position in his home country and must have really felt foolish, in addition to his dreams of a happy marriage and future evaporating. About the only good thing to be said was that the guy hadn't invested too much money or his reputation in this lady. And hopefully he didn't get HIV from her. It's one thing to lose your money, but another to lose your life.

Sample case studies of Thai girlfriends:

Introducing your optional expat PI - Mark

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