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Thai Bargirl in Pattaya

The client had met the lady in a bar, she claimed to have been working there only a few weeks, he had "taken her out of the bar", enrolled her into school, and supported her for a few months. He got in touch with a teacher at the school and she had done OK for awhile, but had suddenly dropped out and pressured him for a lot of extra money in regard to things including her grandmother's death and her niece's sickness requiring hospitalization in order to survive. He was a real good guy trying to help, but urgent pressure for a lot of money regarding the niece hospitalization for survival had made it a crisis situation, and given the need to get some quick results, we were contacted and allowed to take some chances as regards remaining discreet. We decided to work on a daily basis to see if we could get a break.

(This case was actually subcontracted to us on a quick response basis. We never communicated with the client directly. However, we found out that the client was very new to Thailand.)

Our report is in quotes, with extra information added outside quotes. Identity information has been dropped. TG is an abbreviation for Thai Girlfriend.

We had a photo of her, her alleged niece (a young child), and her aunt, plus a mailing address where the man had also visited and thereby confirmed that she stayed there, and the history including the above synopsis. The lady was in her early 20s and had been raised by her aunt, as her mother died shortly after childbirth (allegedly). With them was her alleged aunt's daughter -- her niece, allegedly not her own daughter. The man had spent time with the three of them, and had never had sex with the lady despite visiting her at different times, as she claimed to be a good girl. There were some touching stories, but also a few oddities. The aunt worked in massage but looked to be in her late 30s.

We dispatched a group of Thai lady agents.

We found the address of her apartment building in north Pattaya. There we were...

We posted an ordinary looking agent in a discreet position to watch, but there was no appearance by any of the subjects -- the Thai girlfriend, her niece or her aunt. The apartment building did not offer phone lines in the room, so we could not call on a wrong number pretext. Eventually, we took another tack.

We viewed the entrance from a distance, and then an agent walked in with a few possible pretexts, depending on the situation she found. One of those was that she was a social worker associated with the school which TG had attended, and the school was just checking up on her. To make a long story shorter, that worked in.

It can be simply recounted by excerpts from the report:

"TG was not at the apartment today, [and indeed had not been there for several days already,] but our agent hit it off well with people there. It is important that our sources be protected, as they told us things on condition of anonymity, and we consider them very reliable sources. These are not other bargirls but are people in TG's immediate vicinity and who have spoken intimately with TG and her Aunt, they have no apparent motive to mislead us, and they seemed very Thai genuine. Our Thai lady agents have experience in investigative journalism and know Thai people, but in this case they posed as a social worker from the school just checking up on TG...

"TG left on Wednesday, picked up by her Thai boyfriend, and has not returned. She usually comes to the room here for several days, and works in Pattaya, but also takes breaks periodically. This Thai boyfriend regularly drops her off and picks her up. He drives a Nova motorcycle.

"They are clearly intimate, no doubt about it. He does not stay at that apartment but just drops off TG. She lives with this boyfriend in Sri Racha. We know where, because it is beside a Thai manufacturer of soaps. As a general policy, we don't reveal addresses which could lead to a scene, but we could give relevant information as regards your best interests.

"TG and her Aunt have a co-dependent relationship which is ingrained from childhood, but her Aunt pushes her into prostitution as part of "the family business". TG doesn't like that work and is very shy about being a prostitute. She has spoken about it to an intimate friend there.

"...She runs the hours of a bargirl, going out and coming home. She takes the motorcycle taxis regularly to work but they drop her off at the post office. When she takes a motorcycle taxi to other places, she always has them drop her off at the end of a soi, not at the final destination. She is unusually secretive, as people have noticed and word has gotten around. She wants to live a normal life for a Thai girl, but her life situation has her in an unlucky position. People are concerned and feel sorry for her, but what can they do ... this is Thailand, and common here.

"Someone else paid for that apartment initially, not them.

"Her Aunt previously had a foreign boyfriend, but he has left her and 'died' (i.e., dumped her but most probably still alive, and 'died' is used loosely in Thai parlance). Her Aunt is a career prostitute but is at the end of her career and she seemed rather desperate for a supportive husband for the longterm.

"They said the child is TG's, not her Aunt's, and TG had it at a very young age, to a Thai man who liked to have many ladies. We do not know if this was a virginity sale by her Aunt or what, but that is a possibility. TG refers to the child as her daughter, her daughter calls TG 'mommy' in Thai (meh), this daughter is often in Sri Racha not Pattaya, and this daughter is very happy to see TG after TG has been away several days...

"There was a foreign guy there fairly recently, a 'kek kao' looking guy, which means someone of Arabic or Mediterranean ancestry with light skin, not dark. [Later, this turned out to be the client.]

"Nobody has known her long enough to determine the nature of her relationship with the current boyfriend or its duration.

"There was no talk around there about her daughter having medical problems, or her grandmother's death, but she has not been real sociable recently.

"Everyone knows she went to school. In the end, the agent stated her concerns and that she might be back for more information. They would try to help if she did.

"These appear to be the facts as best we can ascertain.

"Now for some opinion:

"We do not judge these cases, beyond a basic set of values. We present the facts as best we can and the rest is up to you and TG. Different people are born into different situations, value and belief systems, and so it's not right for us to judge. It's really between you and TG. You and TG have vastly different backgrounds and surely have your differences in values, interests and personalities, but it's up to you whether you wish to develop anything here.

"You can't save the world, and goodness knows that elsewhere in the world life is worse than the lives of Thai bar girls... If you want to develop anything here, then the first step would be weaning her away from her Aunt.

"You can't change peoples' personalities or control people, so you should be realistic about your longterm chances, too. If you don't have a lot of spare money, then don't float much out on this ship.

"Foreign guys complain about Thai ladies having Thai boyfriends, and Thai boyfriends complain about foreign guys coming in and quickly saying 'move over, Rover' to the longtime Thai boyfriend and taking the lady away. Life in Thailand is not the same as in the West... and, again, we don't know what's going on with the other Thai guy. He may be unwittingly in your position, too, or he could be a parasite like the Aunt and sitting around watching TV all day while she works, maybe even coaching her on scams, or he could be studying and needing her support. We don't know.

"If you want more information, then we can go back after a few days. (We could call, but these kinds of things at this level of society are practically always best done in person.)

"We do ask that you please honor the wishes of our sources and not hang them out to dry, as exposing them could create a scene there, as they might have just cut off TG's best customer as part of TG's vital family business and livelihood. As it is, they could also lose business themselves from TG having less money. They were very kind and good people, concerned about what was happening to TG's life.

"TG does not need to know that you know all this, and we would suggest you either just make the decision to walk away & cut your losses, or else ask for our suggestions on how to approach this. For example, you could just confront her at her bar, in person. You won't get your money back, and it would not be smart to show your 'superior' methods to get back at her, as only the good people in her vicinity may then suffer, such as her landlord. At this point, much of this is for your information only."

We did not receive any instructions to continue this case beyond this one day, though we heard that the customer was highly satisfied with the report.

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