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Terms of Service


Standard Policy on Scheduling and Short Notice Cancellations:

There are two types of case:

"Reserved Time" means that you have booked in specific dates and required that we reserve those dates and times for you, and we agree in advance. If you postpone or cancel on short notice, then there is usually a partial charge for a case in Bangkok, but out of town cases usually have a full charge.

"Flex Time" means that you are giving us the flexibility to work your case into our existing schedule when we are available, but you may still request specific dates and times. You can postpone or cancel for no charge, if you give us reasonably sufficient notice, but if a "Reserved Time" customer comes to us afterwards, then the "Reserved Time" customer can take your time slot, and we postpone yours. (This doesn't happen often, but it does happen from time to time.)

The above mentioned "Reserved Time" cases are typically when somebody is scheduled to arrive in Bangkok (we get some very short notice cases), or an unusual event is scheduled for a particular day and time, or has just occurred which needs to be looked into immediately, or somebody just wants to lock in certain dates for sure.

If we are fully booked on a "Reserved Time" basis, for a particular date and time, and somebody else inquires for those specific dates, then we must turn down the person inquiring, i.e., turn down incoming business, which is why we take "Reserved Time" more seriously as regards cancellations.

The above mentioned "Flex Time" cases are typically for people may want to change the surveillance schedule based on feedback from the person of interest, while minimizing or avoiding any charges for cancellation, or who simply don't want to risk possibly higher cancellation charges, or for whom we could do surveillance any day.

It is difficult to give a simple policy on charges for cancellations, but the main factors are:

  1. How far in advance you cancelled or postponed,
  2. Whether or not we had already deployed,
  3. Whether or not it was a nighttime case and cancelled on the same day, and
  4. Whether or not we have another, Flex Time case we can divert the surveillance team to.

Generally, we are more flexible in Flex Time cases than Reserved Time cases.

We often have NO charge for cancellations or postponements for both Flex Time and Reserved Time cases, but it depends on the main factors above, whether or not there is a charge.

Please understand that we must book a whole surveillance team, so if somebody cancels shortly before deployment, then we would often pay the team for doing nothing, especially if they were scheduled to come to work in the evening or at night at the surveillance location, instead of coming into the office during the day for other work, or doing another job we could have scheduled in.

When we charge for cancellations or postponements, we usually do not charge for the full amount, except maybe in unusual cases where you've already deployed us to a place far away from Bangkok, but we may have a cancellation charge which is usually some fraction of the daily charge, the amount depending on how long in advance you issued your request to cancel.

If a surveillance day is aborted at the beginning, e.g., if we deployed fully but the person is not at the starting location and if you cannot find out where they are and decide we should not wait nor search for the person, then we usually charge half a day of surveillance due to the deployment, especially if it is an evening or nighttime case. Sometimes we discover things like a padlock on the outside of the door and/or a vehicle gone, so it's clear that the person of interest is not inside, at least. We would try to reach you to discuss your options at that time, and get a decision from you. For example, we could leave a spotter to see if the person returns. We try to be adaptive and flexible.

For very late night cases, whereby we are asked to start after 6pm AND go beyond 3:00am, we may request a reasonable surcharge. We have done many cases where people stay out until after sunrise, and occasionally long after sunrise. This is very stressful to the surveillance team since it's a sleepless night and affects our normal schedules, and our staff do not come into the office the next day (hence one day of work can consume 2 workdays), so there is a surcharge for cases like this. This is normally discussed in advance or during surveillance.

If the case type is not agreed upon, then it automatically becomes a "Flex Time" case unless and until the customer specifies otherwise.

Unlike most other kinds of business, in private investigations many events are out of our control. This is the nature of non-interactive, discreet surveillance. This is the situation for both you and us, usually. We understand that situations can change on relatively short notice, such as a girlfriend canceling plans which we had planned to watch, and we try to accommodate, but we must also schedule our staff to be productive, in order for our business to remain sustainable. This is especially the case in nighttime surveillance, so staff normally do not work in the office during that business day but defer work to the nighttime, but if a case is cancelled within hours of deployment, and if we have no other case we can switch to, then we could have lost a day's work for multiple staff. We also try to schedule cases in advance, just for our day to day calendars. We have a lot of experience with many kinds of cases and situations, and routinely accommodate adjustments in schedules. Often it's no problem and there is no cancellation fee, we just defer the work until later and wait for further instruction. However, sometimes we must charge something to cover our costs and overhead for the day.

Thank you for reading these considerations of what is possible and how we handle it. It is best to make this clear from the start. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know. We try to be fair, but we ask that it be mutual, and that you put thought into the schedule you request, and how flexible or locked in you want your surveillance time to be.

[end of Standard Policy on Scheduling and Short Notice Cancellations]

Other Kinds of Cases

For other kinds of cases which are not surveillance, of which there is a great variety, please inquire on a case by case basis. > About Us - Who We Are > Terms of Service

To get the right person for the job, please send a message to our "inbox" (not "info") at

Alternatively, you can just use our contact form

Either way, we will usually respond within 1 to 24 hours.

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Old customers please note: We moved our office from Pakkred, Nonthaburi to the city center. Please do not go out to our old office in Pakkred, on Bond Street. We are no longer there.

New customers introduction: We are a close knit group of family and trusted friends who take pride in our work.

Our office is co-located with Export Quality Services Co., Ltd., aka EQ, which is the same company we previously operated under, but we split off the private investigations business to a daughter company, Lucky Lion Pride Co., Ltd., whereby EQ now focuses on language translation and some other things.

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