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External Links is our Thailand and Bangkok guide for expats living and working in Thailand, which as been a well known website since the year 2000. It includes a subsection on Thai ladies, mainstream girlfriends, bargirls, freelancers.

Thailand PI focuses on research (Thai language researchers), surveillance (discreet Thai teams), undercover work (mainly Thai lady agents), and operations mainly outside of the tourist/expat go-go bar areas, though many of our cases include operations inside the tourist/expat bar areas and an expat on the team (usually Mark of Thailand Guru).

For intellectual property in Thailand:

If someone in Thailand is infringing on your intellectual property, whether it be a copyright, trademark, or patent, then I recommend you contact VeriSec, Ltd., in Bangkok on Wireless Road. Since 1995, I (Mark) have known and occasionally coordinated and referred customers back and forth with the Director of VeriSec and his preceding companies (Pinkerton and Quantico). The Director is Mr. Russell Lerner, originally a Texan and a master of the Thai and Mandarin languages. Rusty was previously Managing Director of the Bangkok branch of the giant American multinational Pinkerton Investigations, until Pinkerton was bought by a giant European conglomerate and the Bangkok office decided to buy out their office and run their own operation, whereby Rusty and his team reincorporated as Quantico, Ltd., using the same staff and office, practically nothing else changing. After G4S bought them, Rusty moved on to VeriSec. Rusty's clients have included a long list of some of the biggest brand names in the world, and a short list of current actively clients include Adidas, Nike, Nokia, HP, Lacoste, Disney, Harley-Davidson, Motorola, General Motors, BMW, several premier league soccer teams, as well as medium and small sized enterprises. Contact them at

VeriSec can also do various kinds of asset searches.

The work of our own company has long specialized in finding people and discreet surveillance.

Internationally, especially for corporate investigations, a firm I would recommend, which is headquartered in Singapore, is Aegis Interaktif Asia, especially for expert forensic and compliance/investigation services, cofounded and codirected by Peter Coleman.

As noted before, we are NOT policemen and NOT detectives, and we handle only non-criminal matters. If you need to contact the police, then we would suggest the tourist police because their English is best, and they can usually point you in the right direction and explain things to you. You should understand that if you need the services of the regular (non-tourist) Thai police for ordinary matters, then the appropriate place to contact is the district police office in the area of interest of your matter. However, there are exceptions, and if you are outside of Thailand then call the tourist police for guidance to the proper administrative body, or your embassy or consulate. If you come to Thailand, then an interpreter may help significantly.

The Tourist Police can be called at 1155 inside Thailand (free call from any pay phone), or +66-2-678-6800 from outside Thailand.

Interpol, the international police coordinating organization with 179 member countries, is at or

Embassy and consulate contact information can be found at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at

List of foreign Chambers of Commerce

A German private detective we did work for in 2015.

For import-export, you would be surprised to find that most exporters and importers in Thailand don't have a website, and most are poor at best in e-mail. (Indeed, many struggle with English.) An investigation investment can save you a lot of time and money, and improve your business efficiency substantially. You might want to try for research on manufacturers in Thailand for export.

See for Thai-English translation, our sister company.

To learn the Thai language, check out the personalized service and small classes of Thai Language Hut, run by a good British guy, Mark Shee, whom I know and recommend. It's located on Sukhumvit soi 43 near the Phrom Pong skytrain station, colocated with Travel Today Asia.

See for a general Thailand business directory.

For bargirls:

A good website with a lot of information on the go-go bar nightlife scene, life in central Bangkok's tourist areas, readers' stories, and teaching in Thailand ... is by an English teacher from New Zealand who goes by the tradename Stickman, and his famous website is

Notably, Stickman ran a solo "Stickman Investigations" service from about 2002 until he returned to New Zealand in 2015. I've known Stickman personally, going back to around the year 2000 (I don't remember exactly when). Because I don't like doing inside-the-gogo-bar cases, for around 10 years I referred customers wanting inside-the-gogo-bar work (and many massage places) to Stickman, and he referred customers wanting surveillance to me. Unfortunately, Stickman returned to New Zealand so unless and until he returns, I'm considering those kinds of cases again. Please understand that I am a happily married man, I normally do not drink alcohol, and I haven't spent much time in go-go bars in the 21st century (mainly just meeting friends at bars occasionally, though under special circumstances I've done private investigations in go-go bars), but if there's a job to be done, well, I can handle that kind of work quite well.

For mainstream nightclubs with just freelancers and mainstream ladies, my Thai lady agents do a very good job of discreet surveillance.

Our main work, however, is finding people and discreet surveillance. For other things, I hope the above links help you out.

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To get the right person for the job, please send a message to our "inbox" (not "info") at

Alternatively, you can just use our contact form

Either way, we will usually respond within 1 to 24 hours.

This website is entirely self-made, not outsourced to any public relations or web design company. We wrote all the content, and did all the programming and artwork, too, ourselves. It's still 2002 style and many people have commented on this almost 20 years later, but we prefer to do everything ourselves.

All text content on our site is proudly original and copyright © 1997-2021, All Rights Reserved.
We do not tolerate copycats, and we are honorable people with class.
(Our Managing Director previously worked in intellectual property for the U.S. government as his first job right out of the university a long time ago.)
Please remember

Our company is located in central Bangkok on Sukhumvit soi 2, within walking distance of the skytrain, between the Ploenchit and Nana stations.

Thailand Private Investigations,
a division of:

Lucky Lion Pride Co., Ltd.
Ploymitr Office Building, Floor 7
81 Sukhumvit soi 2
Klongtoey, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110

"The harder we work, the luckier we get."

By appointment only, please.
Sometimes, an agent can meet you at
your location (depends on location).

Email: inbox at our domain name.
Office Tel.: +66-2255-0620
Mobile: +66-80-062-4243 (native English speaker)

Old customers please note: We moved our office from Pakkred, Nonthaburi to the city center. Please do not go out to our old office in Pakkred, on Bond Street. We are no longer there.

New customers introduction: We are a close knit group of family and trusted friends who take pride in our work.

Our office is co-located with Export Quality Services Co., Ltd., aka EQ, which is the same company we previously operated under, but we split off the private investigations business to a daughter company, Lucky Lion Pride Co., Ltd., whereby EQ now focuses on language translation and some other things.

Mobile Tel.: +66-80-062-4243 or 080-062-4243 (native English speaker) -- call ANYTIME, 24/7 (I turn off my phone volume when asleep)
If you want to chat via LINE / WhatsApp, please add the phone number above to your phone's contacts, and it should automatically add me to your LINE and WhatsApp shortly after that.
For expediting in LINE, my LINE ID is alphalion (alpha lion with no space between the words).
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