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Find Lost Family or Friend

We have found many lost mothers, fathers, children, relatives, and friends over the years. In many cases, contact was lost decades ago, such as back to the 1970s, and some even longer ago. There have been a great variety of circumstances. These can lead to happy family reunions.

There are different categories of cases for finding people, for different kinds of lost relatives and friends.

We have a separate section on adoption tracing to find biological birth certificate mothers and fathers for adoptees and/or adoptive parents, since adoption tracing is a different process.

Finding old girlfriends and boyfriends, as well as former or estranged wives and husbands, can be a sensitive matter, so we have various sensitive approaches to these, such as trying to make contact discreetly to not risk disrupting another relationship, and approaching them as a neutral third party who may also accommodate their needs and preferences.

Many children and siblings have gone to Thailand and dropped out of communication with their families, mainly sons and brothers. We have found many of them still alive, and a main cause of their dropping out has been substance abuse, especially drugs usage. There can be other reasons, too. Re-engaging with them successfully may require a very careful approach. In some cases, we have first found them and found out about them before the family overtly tried to re-engage. In other cases, if preferred, we can just say to please contact home and try to exchange contact information.

Other people finder cases have included a grown person's nanny as a child, former employees, classmates, and heirs for whom an inheritance is waiting.

Some foreign people have been found to be deceased but their embassy did not report to the next of kin for some reason. If they died without identification on them, then just the nationality may not be known for sure. However, for example, I have been contacted by my embassy (American) asking if I knew how to contact the next of kin for an American citizen with a common name. In another case, we eventually tracked down the last known address of a deceased American, and the apartment staff confirmed he passed away there quite some time before and provided a copy of his American passport, as well as asked whether or not we would be willing to take his things which were in storage there. His family had not been contacted by the American government, even though he had died a very long time ago, in the 2010s. (He had died of natural causes, in his apartment, but well before the average age of a male, due to long known medical issues for which he had pursued treatments overseas. He was discovered deceased in his apartment some time after his death.) In cases where a foreigner is found but no identification is established or no next of kin is found who takes over the matter, they are typically just cremated in Thailand.

We search for people of all nationalities. For example, on behalf of a Russian family, we searched for their son, who we thought was in Pattaya. He was highly educated and since he was not a criminal sort, our search included police records in a friendly manner for any report of a death or injury or other event which might include his name. A policeman looked at me, an American, and commented about the adversarial nature between our governments, to which I basically replied that there can be a big difference between governments and the people, of course. I have met and known many Russians routinely and been friends with some ... though I understand well some of the initial careful attitudes many Russians have towards others of their own nationality (sometimes reserved about other Russians), as well as towards some other nationalities and races sometimes, like some of my American acquaintances... I don't prejudge people based on their nationality or race. We are all the same species, I'm not "tribal" nor into just conforming with groupthink. I can think independently, and as an expat since 1994 and somebody who studied the world a lot before then, including cultures and languages, I enjoy these cases involving people of different nationalities. However, I am aware of many other peoples' different kinds of outlooks ...

I hope to find people alive and well. However, many missing persons cases turn up somebody either in bad shape or deceased, and then must be handled sensitively and considerately.

For example, in the abovementioned Russian case, I will never forget the time I suddenly heard a quick succession of many "Line" messages. I routinely get that, from people reporting to me, such as forwarding photos or information. However, this time, it was from a police contact and was photos of a deceased man whose body had been decomposing for quite a while, and was the result of that case. It was very sad because he was a young man with seemingly so much potential, and I immediately was consumed in thought about how to gently break the news to his family in Russia. (Embassy contact with the family came much later. There was also some confusion with some others about his nationality.) The emotional impact it had on me lasted for quite some time, as for many months when I heard a quick succession of many "Line" messages, it conjured this memory. Eventually, I got over it, thanks to many other cases of happy messages of finding somebody or some other success coming in as a quick succession of many Line messages.

In some cases, the client just wants to find the person and is brief with us, which is okay. However, in some other cases, we much prefer to know the history and to understand the situation. Many of these cases become quite personal whereby we can help bridge people. We also just like to get to know people.

There is more information on our general page on finding a person in Thailand. This page is more recent and tries to cover our people finder cases in a more categorical way.

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